Bronze Star Package

 This offers Brand Story Telling, Obtain Email List, Sales Funnel, Basic (Search Engine Optimization) , Management of Social Media Platforms, as well as Facebook ADs Creation and Management Recommended ($100-$200) a month and Email Optimization.

Silver Star Package

This will include Brand Story Telling, Obtain Email List, Advanced (Search Engine Optimization Ranking), Advanced Sales Funnel, Hyper Targeted Facebook ADs, Advanced Email Marketing, Google display Network & Remarketing Geo-targeting, Conversion Tracking, Website Optimization, and Businesses Social Media Management. Facebook ADs Recommended ($500-$1000) a month.

Gold Star Package  

This service will include Social Media Influence Marketing, Unlimited Retargeting Campaigns, Maintenance & Monitoring every other day for optimization, Social following Campaign to drive Social Engagement, Managing and Building your Website, Manage All Social Platforms, Re-Brand your business, and Optimize your Email, Advanced SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Google PPC ADwords, Facebook ADs, recommended ($2000-$5000) a month.